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One week ago: A converation overheard in the Gilded Rose

"Mr. Bittertongue, a word please?"

"Sorry squire, duty calls."

"Please, it will take only a minute. I already have a drink for you--"

"I don't drink anymore--"

"--It's Ethermead. I would like to hire you for a series of jobs."

"Yeh got till I finish the mead. Speak up squire."

"Thank you. My employer wants to hire you to collect items from Medivh's Tower."

"What items?"

"We are looking for a certain texts--even individual pages would suffice."

"Do I look like the sorta bloke that works with that shite?"

"No sir, but those items can bring in a significant amount of gold."

"How much gold?"

"Depends on the text--the minimum per tome would be ten--someone would even be in the thousands."

"When do yeh need 'em by?"

"Does that mean you'll work with for us?"

"It means I'll put together a crew an' hit the tower."

"Fantastic! When could you start?"

"i'll put the word out. Get me the list o'shite yeh need."

"I would need a list of people who you owuld hire--to make sure that our competitors..."

"sure, sure. I'll get yeh the list after the first run. How can I get in touch with yeh."

"I can meet you here or..."

"Business is at the Pig, not at the Rose. Gimme yer name, I'll send yeh a letter on the way back from the Tower."

"Olaf. Olaf Romney"

"See yeh in a few days, squire."

"Does that mean we have a deal?"

"It means, boyo, that'll I'll get yer books an' ye'll bring yer gold. The deal we talk 'bout in earnest at the pig."

"Pleasure doing business with you."

"Oh, it will be squire."
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