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 Post subject: What is TC
PostPosted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 7:18 pm 
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TotallyCasual is an RP-Priority Raid. What I mean by this is the following: Slots will go to RPers first, RP friendly second. Anti-Rp folk are not involved.

The current storyline is: Bricu Bittertongue has approached or posted on getting folk for a job in karazhan. Part two is coming when we write it up. The story line will (hopeully) culminate in ZA raid--but that is still in the early planning stages*

Sign up if you are interested. Please write how you think Bricu contacts/conctated you.

*by early stages, I mean, "wouldn't it be neat..."

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 Post subject: What is TC
PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 5:04 pm 
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"I'm a Scryer. I always watch what I say. More enemies than allies in this city..."

All in all, the atmosphere of the Scryer Tier was not of the sort that Shael O'Connaugh really felt comfortable with. Still, he wanted to give it a fair shot. Norra had allied with them, after all, so he couldn't rightly condemn them out of hand, and he -did- want to be able to contact his wife when he needed to. There was just something about them that made him uneasy. They reminded him so terribly of another group.

He hadn't noticed the boots tread up behind him. Not that he would have fled if he had. He just would have been -tempted-. "Father Flower. Yer a Scryer now too?"

Shael froze at that voice, and straightened to his full and unimpressive height before he slowly turned around. "Bittertongue. No. 've yet ta choose. But me wife is." Whether he meant that as an explanation or a threat was unclear.

Bricu's smile--the one he showed Shael, anyway--was always so unsettling to the priest. "I could kill you," it seemed to say, "but I won't. Not now, anyway." "Kind of yeh t'give us a chance, then." Us. Oh dear. "Like yeh t'give us another, if yeh would." He reached into his pocket.

Shael winced only slightly. "Wha' d'ye mean?"

"I need a priest." A small brown pouch emerged, jangling with coin, from his pocket.

"Oh, I bet ye do." Still, the shorter man eyed the pouch curiously. With three children on his bankroll, and no job, funds were quickly running short. If the job wasn't -too- terribly illegal...

"I've got a runnin' job in Karazhan," the 'paladin' replied, smirking at Shael's retort. "Book collection. Could use yeh." The pouch jangled anew. "Payin' well."

The strain in the priest's mind was clear on his face. If Bittertongue was leading, that meant other Riders were sure to be following. He did not -like- Riders. Except Fells. And Safira. And Skyborne seemed all right. And Threnn, Threnn was fine. And...

"A'igh'. 'm in." How he was going to explain this to Norra, he didn't know. But they -needed- this. And surely they wouldn't just let him die.


"Thanks." The bag of coin hit Shael in the chest. "Saturday. Eleven. Don' be late." Bricu turned on his heel and left.

Shael also turned on his heel and left. Except he was sprinting. Aldor. Aldor it was.

One problem. He needed to be able to get -in- to that damned tower. "Denne," he muttered into the buzzbox as the elevator rose to the higher plateau. "I go' this runnin' job in' I need a key..."
 Post subject: What is TC
PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 8:40 pm 
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"Karazhan, the 'aunted tower in the middle o' Scaryville an' wot's left o' the swamp?" Denne Flagoncrafter was retired. Or, as her parents would prefer to describe it, she'd gotten the wonderlust of youth out of the way and finally turned her attention to carrying on the family business. Making a name for herself with the Wildhammers in Outland proved useful. They needed flagons by the crate like any respectable dwarven society. She still fancied herself a treasure hunter at heart, though, as continued late-night treks to the Darkhammer Vaults would confirm, were there ever any traces of these trespasses to be found.

Plenty was running through her mind all at once. She wanted to adventure, but she didn't want to go back on her word. None of that influenced the decision, however, as one delicious fact outweighed the rest. "So, ye NEED me, eh? Ne'er thought I'd see the day. Shael admits t'imself tha' 'e needs Denne after all." See wanted to be sure he could "hear" the grin on her face. The labored sound of his breathing made it clear that he could. She continued just as he was about to reply. "I've got one, a key. Used it once. Peeked 'round the stables a bit, glanced intae the servants' quarters. Kinnae lend it t'ye though, its magic don' work like tha'." She knew that Shael already knew this, and again interrupted him as he was about to explain himself. "I do know where the pieces kin be found, though. Sho'nae be to 'ard."

It was a lot of work, admittedly. He already had one piece, but completing its creation required more effort than it should have. She didn't mind. Denne rather delighted in watching Shael squirm as the deadline drew near, and she saw the task through to the end. How could she not? The greatest reward was knowing that he owed her. Additionally, she'd made a decision. She was curious about this job that required him to gain entry to the tower, having interrogated him bit by bit over the course of their journeys, and she was relishing Shael's unease at having her around. If she could get an in, she determined, she'd go along for the job itself. She'd have to explain it to her folks, but that was a worry to be had later. For now, the twin promises of Shael's discomfort and treasures to be claimed were all that she needed.

Denne had met Bricu over the course of helping Shael and hoped later that she'd made a good impression. She had to be subtle -- she didn't want to let on to Shael what she was plotting. It was a moment of triumph for her when she did make her move.

Shael reported over his buzzbox that he was prepared for the job. "Ask if they could use a rogue!" she directed.

"Could we use a rogue?" Shael said the words without thinking, and his expression signalled that he realized too late.

She was already prepared, of course, treasure hunting and assassin implements stocked and at the ready. She convened with the rest, heard the details of the job, and knew better than to ask the obvious questions about the bits of writing they'd be procuring.
 Post subject: What is TC
PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:38 pm 
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((apologies for the bad writing))

Melryn flew his drake Onyxerian down in Shattrath city, leaping lightly off the side he landed lightly on his feet, Wildfyre sliding ghost-like out of the shadows to stand at his side once more. Walking up to the goblin standing on a crate with a boiling pot of food, the aroma rising off it smelling surprisingly good, especially considering the ingredients used.

Silently handing over the pot he accepted the small barrel and pouch of coin in return, ignoring the remarks of The Rohk and his assistant, Melryn turned at the sound of booted feet approaching him.

"Melryn, how surprisin teh be findin yeh here." Bricu Bittertongue remarked, his usual sly grin running across his face.

Melryn was not normally one to talk much, or to associate with anyone aside from his companion Wildfyre, but he had heard Bricu had been asking about him.

"Bricu, good morning. I heard you were looking for me. What is it I can do for you?"

"I got some work te be done down in Karazhan, needin someone who knows how teh track en smell things out, figured yeh might be interested."

"Why not take Ulthanon? He is part of Tarquin's group too."

"Ulth be busy doin... other stuff fer the Riders, he can't be comin. I heard good things about yeh, people be tellin me yer good with them traps o yours. Might just come in handy, the pay be good, en should be plenty o demon's teh be killin."

"He seems knows which buttons to push." Melryn thought to himself, his hatred of demons something he took no pains to hide. "When would we be travelling inside? I have other matters that I need to tend to as well."

Bricu tossed the sack of coins at Melryn "Saturday, Eleven in the mornin. This mean your in?"

Catching the sack in his hand he tossed the coin back. "I will be there, but keep the gold. There are a couple of things I need to see in there, and the chance to kill a demon or twelve is payment enough."

"Fair enough. See you then." Taking out a small brown pouch and papers, Bricu deftly rolled himself a cigarette as he strolled away.

Melryn watched the Paladin walk away for a moment. Without saying another word he gently placed his hand on 'Fyre's shoulder and stepped out of sight into the shadows with her.

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 Post subject: What is TC
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:42 am 
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Thank you everyone--especially those of you who are shy 'bout writing!
 Post subject: What is TC
PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:51 am 
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Threnn smiled as she opened the door to their room in the Rose. The sweet smell of Lordaeron tobacco drifted out to meet her; Bricu was home. She expected to find him at the desk, poring over reports from the Scryers or the spice business he had his fingers in. Or maybe at the table he'd turned into a workbench for his crafting, fitting a stone into a setting. Or perhaps at the window, staring out over Stormwind and brooding, plotting his next scheme.

What she didn't expect was to find him sitting in the middle of the floor, her breastplate on his lap, her tools in his hands. Her gauntlets and helm were to his left, apparently already inspected, if the sheen of polish was any indication. The rest of her gear sat to his right, waiting its turn.

"Kara gets terribly annoyed when I start hammering on steel in here, love. 'Sides, there's more room at the forge."

Bricu glanced up at her, cigarette clenched between his teeth. "Aye, she's been up twice ta yell. Yeh just have ta compliment her hair or her dress an' she'll forget what it was she was hollerin' about. I even got her ta bring me a pot o'tea last time."

Threnn plopped down beside him. "Maybe it's easy for you. You've got Northern charm. She usually just sniffs at me and suggests I should cut back on the pastries."


She picked up a gauntlet and turned it over in her hand. "What's all this for?"

Stubbing out his cigarette took all his attention. "Threnny, I was a blacksmith before ever yeh hammered out yer first sword. I'm just checkin' yer armor." He opened the pot of polish and reached for a rag, grunting as Threnn's free hand shot out and caught his wrist.

"You're dodging, love." She was a damned good blacksmith. He never inspected her work before she went out into the field. So what is this about?

Bricu sighed and put down the polish, turning to face her. "I've got a job ta do in Medivh's tower, collectin' books an' scrolls an' whatever-the-hell else we might find for this wizard who has an interest. I'm gettin' a crew together." He pointed at her scattered pieces of armor. "I want yeh ta be part o' it, but damned if I'll let me wife go in there with even the smallest weakness in her gear."

Threnn let go of his wrist. They'd fought together before, braved other dangers side by side, but always as equals. If they'd been taking orders, they'd come from Tarquin, not one another. This was different than the other jobs they'd done, though. A foray into the haunted tower would require structure, discipline. A soldier's mindset.

"Will yeh go, Threnny?"

"'Course I will," she said, touching his cheek. "Not going to let just anyone keep you standing." She almost added "sir" to the end of it, but it was too soon. He'd balk at the implication. Instead, she passed him the polishing rag and leaned across him to take her boots. "It'll go faster if we both do it. You can double check my work after." As she straightened, she stole a kiss.

"Och," he said after a long moment. "With two of us workin', Kara'll have fits."

"'s all right. She comes back up, you're answering the door."

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 Post subject: What is TC
PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:48 am 
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A buzzbox makes a clack noise when switched on.


"Oi Sunshine, yeh here? Got a job for yeh."


"Book collecting in Karazhan. Got a fella's been offering a fortune for 'em. Yeh'll be paid well-- yer roommate's coming too, and so's Genise. Yeh in?"

"Yes, Sir. Er. Please."

"Good. Eleven o'clock sharp in the entry hall. Bring yer armor. And quit bloody calling me 'Sir.'"

"Yes, Sir."

It had been that easy. At eleven in the morning on Saturday, they had gathered; fought demons, undead, and the armies of the damned. On Sunday, they had come back and done it again. And now...

The shield was black, smooth as goblin-made glass-- smoother, actually. And ''black,' though the closest word Varenna could find to describe it, was not actually accurate. The lamplight in her bedroom seemed to slide right off its surface, like a painter with only a very dim idea of the shape of his painting, outlining, sketching, but never quite managing to fill in any shapes. It was as though the shield had been made somehow impervious to light-- it wasn't 'black,' not really, but an empty space in the world. The paladin sat on the edge of her bed, marveled, gliding her fingers over the metal as it balanced on her knee, at the strange, oily texture of it.

Impenetrable Darkness. Varenna nodded to herself. That was the name. She knew she'd read it somewhere before. The heavy book lying open on her bed -- Krazzlestein's Guide to Rare Armaments -- even had an illustration of one. Someone had used a whole lot of black ink.

Reading the shield's entry in the book, she relearned what she'd already known. Like a lot of the best, rarest armor and equipment, Shields of Impenetrable Darkness had been created long ago, using long-forgotten methods, by craftsmen unknown. There were now only a small handful left, most abandoned in the darkest, oldest, and creepiest parts of the world; those few that had been recovered, said the book, were mostly only ever owned by the very best of soldiers and protectors.

Varenna now owned one too.

Varenna smiled.

2/17 15:37:14.249 [Guild] Varenna: ...I just helped slay a demon prince.
2/17 15:37:23.187 [Guild] Threnn: You did.
2/17 15:37:22.128 [Guild] Genise: Feels good, hmm?
2/17 15:37:51.895 [Guild] Varenna: It does. This is very... Addictive.

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